Wedding throwback: Will you be my...

To me, asking your bestest friends to be in your wedding party should not be taken lightly. Standing next to someone as they join their lives with another is no small task! I decided to make personalized "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards for each gal and hand deliver it to them to make it special.

I wanted to share how I crafted their cards on the blog today to continue with all the wedding throwback posts. Almost through February and these wedding posts... shew, they're hard work!

Step 1. Find a dress template
   Google Image search for "dress template"
Step 2. Acquire materials
   Materials needed: [in color of your choosing] glitter paper, wired mesh ribbon, and 1/2" thick ribbon, colored pencil, 5x7 cards
Step 3. Make miniature bridesmaid dress
   I traced the dress template onto the blue glitter paper and cut it out for the base. Next I cut a section of wired mesh ribbon slightly wider than the base. I glued the edges of the mesh ribbon behind the template (the top of the mesh ribbon went around the waistline and the bottom of the ribbon was the hemline). The 1/2" thick ribbon was then glued around the waistline to conceal the top of the mesh ribbon.
Step 4. Assemble card
   I glued the bridesmaid dress to the cards and wrote with the colored pencil "Will you be my" across the top of the card and "bridesmaid?" along the bottom.
Step 5. Write personalized note
   I flipped the card over and then wrote a personalized note to each bridesmaid.
Step 6. Deliver to bridesmaids!

At the time I wasn't sure what color the bridesmaid dresses would be but I knew blue was an option! I also thought this card was a simpler version of the "bridesmaid box" (as seen here on Pinterest). I was really pleased with how they turned out! You might can guess that Patrick did not make cards for his half of the wedding party.

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  1. I could not believe how pretty the cards were when I saw them. Of course, your bridesmaids were beautiful and wonderful friends. Hello, girls, I miss seeing you. Let's all meet together and have a party!