Wedding throwback: Bridal portraits behind the scenes

Hope you're doing alright trudging through these wedding posts! This February month of love is our last attempt at wrapping up wedding-related posts.

Today I'm sharing snapshots of the bridal portraits! With our engagement photo session at Duke & UNC and the wedding in Durham I wanted to have the bridal portraits taken at home. We scheduled these in June before everything would be blisteringly hot and the landscape would be a nice, luscious green.

My day did start in Durham though! I wanted to have my hair and makeup trials done here by the girls who would be doing it on the day of the wedding. The portraits would not be until late afternoon so I had time to get everything done in the morning and then drive back home and get in my dress with some time to spare.

My hair appointment was at 10am. The hair stylist snapped this phone picture so I could show my mom where the veil was to be placed back into my hair.

I loved my Toms bridal wedges! I adorned them with a homemade shoe clip. The gold buttons are from my mom's wedding dress. I wanted to have something with her on my wedding day and this seemed to be the most logical thing to do! 

Throughout the wedding planning process my mom really had only one request: that at least one bridal portrait was staged on the back deck. So here is Carol getting started with the first snapshots of the session!

We had an old white bed sheet to lay down under my dress to prevent it from getting dirty. Unfortunately that doesn't prevent the cat from getting a mind of his own to try to get under my dress!

Pebbles plotting his next moves.
From the back deck we went to the historic area to take a few pictures. These were some of my favorites.

The local florist reached out to our florist at the venue for a description of my wedding bouquet and recreated something similar.

What a fun day! 

The back deck location was my parent's selection for the portrait! A friend snapped this at the wedding.


  1. It was a fun day! I love the pic of the portrait at the wedding - and Aunt Bonnie is in the background!