Wedding throwback: Parties

Patrick and I had a sixteen month engagement. During this time our family and friends expressed their excitement and approval of our upcoming union with various parties. The first was a spring shower hosted by close family friends. Then the groomsmen hosted Patrick in Savannah over St. Patrick's Day for his bachelor party and the bridesmaids hosted a fabulous DC Bachelorette party for myself. There were two summer social parties in my hometown to get together local folks. And finally a bridesmaids luncheon (which coincidentally kicked off the wedding the weekend) was hosted by my aunt!

Patrick and I were so humbled by the outpouring of love and support during this time. We had fun celebrating with everyone throughout the engagement. It was such a special time!

My phone put together this "gif" of Patrick opening this bottle of champagne. His sister sent it to DC for my bachelorette party but it didn't quite make it and arrived via Christine a little later. What a nice way to end the parties.

And this concludes our February Month of Love Wedding Throwback posts!! Woo hoo... if you missed any, here are all the links to the various wedding topics we blogged about:

Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we loved getting married! Thanks for letting us share with you.


  1. Loved reading all the wedding planning/engagement posts and reliving some of the moments l got to share with you during that time. Looking forward to celebrating your birthdays next!

  2. I loved all these blogs, and also that "moving picture"! I know y'all are having fun with Marie celebrating birthdays - wish I were there!