Wedding throwback: Wedding day timeline

We are almost to the end of February and just about done with the wedding posts! I wasn't sure this was possible but I think all topics have just about been covered. Hooray!

Today we are sharing the wedding day timeline and one of our favorite parts of the weekend (besides from the whole getting married part) -- a food truck dinner! Since we had a daytime wedding the traditional wedding day timeline was very different for us.

This little clipboard had the timeline on it and greeted everyone at the reception desk.

Here's the excerpt for Saturday

The morning was certainly a little rushed! Everyone needed to be ready to leave by 10:30am but we wanted to start taking pictures around 9:30am. Unfortunately this ruled out a relaxing day at the salon with girls getting their hair done and drinking mimosas. The hair stylists arrived at 7am to get started on everyone. The guys had a bit more leeway and didn't meet in the groom's suite until 8:30am.

At 9:30am Patrick and I were both ready and kicked off the wedding party pictures with an intimate First Look session. This is when a couple chooses to see each other before the ceremony and the photographer captures the moment. It's certainly something that each couple should make sure is right for them but we would definitely recommend it. To me it was a more emotional moment than seeing Patrick at the end of the aisle. We were able to exchange quiet "I love you's" and have a few minutes alone together before the craziness of the day got started. By doing a First Look, this meant we were also able to take formal pictures before the ceremony (we also took some after the ceremony) but I will say my favorite formal pictures of just the two of us are the ones taken before. We look fresher and my makeup was flawless at that point. The next time we took formal pictures together (after the ceremony) was about noon so two and a half hours later! Here are a few snapshots our photographer put together from the First Look:

And then there were "I Do's" and food and cake and mingling and dancing aka the ceremony and reception.

Then here we are a little before 4pm leaving the reception (some couples haven't even gotten married by this time on a typical Saturday wedding!) ...

Then it was quiet time. From 4pm until 6pm Patrick and I were able to have some time to ourselves to reflect on our wedding! Actually about 4pm a summer thunderstorm rolled around so it was nice to listen to the rain together.

One of Patrick's tasks throughout the wedding planning process was to brainstorm a list of food trucks for us to contact for Saturday dinner. He quickly suggested his favorite truck that comes and parks outside his work on Wednesdays: the Deli-icious Food Truck! Actually there wasn't much of a list; there was only one line and it said "Deli-icious". Good thing they didn't turn us down! Here are a few snapshots of the food truck.

As mentioned previously we did not have a rocking party reception so we decided to conclude the evening in downtown Durham. Our friends joined us out for a more bit more lively fun. Here we are before going out:

It was such a wonderful day! We wouldn't have changed anything about our timeline. I loved marrying Patrick in the morning and not having to worry about jitters throughout the day.


  1. Again, let me say, it was a perfect day! I also loved the food truck - so relaxing there at KDI and delicious. It was a good idea Patrick had.

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