Registry 101: Cutlery upgrade

For this installment of our registry choices, I (Patrick) will tell you about our cutlery!

Cutlery was one of the things that I was most excited to upgrade. Back in Fall 2010 I recognized that Whitney and I were mostly using cheap, dull knives which made cooking more difficult and dangerous. I rectified that by purchasing an 8-inch Wusthof Classic chef's knife and a two-stage sharpener to keep it in good condition. It made a huge difference! Chopping was now easier and more enjoyable, and I came to use my chef's knife as a universal slicing tool.

Even though I have been quite happy with that knife for chopping vegetables over the past three years, there are other things it wasn't so good at due to its shape, like slicing bread and carving meat. This is where we thought the registry would be a great opportunity to fill in the gaps in our knife collection.

Given that we already had a Wusthof Classic knife that we thoroughly enjoyed, we decided it made sense to continue in the same collection. We decided against getting a set because aside from owning one of the pieces already, we had a good idea of which specific pieces would be useful to us (much like with our Denby and cookware).

The first knife I'll feature here is the carving knife:

Unfortunately the knife did not teach me how to properly carve a bird so Whitney had to confiscate it shortly after this picture was taken.

It makes carving and meat slicing a breeze! We also received the serrated knife for bread slicing and the paring knife for high-precision jobs, leaving us with the middle four knives in the line-up below:

We also upgraded Whitney's dying old plastic kitchen shears which were no longer capable of cutting.

Now you might be wondering, where do we store all these beautiful knives if we didn't buy a set with a block? We registered for one of course! It's a universal knife block:

We never have to worry about putting knives in the wrong slot or having empty slots. Just perfect for this sort of pick-and-choose knife collection!

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