2012 Special Christmas Dinner

Here's a post from the not blogging days and catching up with those drafts! This is from last Christmas! I hope it's okay if we still share this. Since it's almost Christmas I thought it was appropriate. 

Patrick and I decided to have a nice dinner at home shortly before the visiting-family-spree began! We lit candles, had some wine, and fixed steak and green beans. 

The highlight of the dinner, however, was indeed the wine!

The Biltmore Estate Merlot was purchased after the proposal! We "aged" this Merlot all the way from April until December!! This wine not only marked the special Christmas holiday but December was half way between the proposal and the wedding.

I'm surprising Patrick with a bottle of the Biltmore Estate Merlot again this Christmas! Do you have a favorite bottle of holiday wine??

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