Crafting Meet Up

A few months ago (actually I think this was from the spring and this post is a victim of black non-blogging days) I had Marianne over for a fun crafting meet up. Obviously I'm not sharing this for the crafting project but rather the brunch we shared! If I remembered what craft project we worked on then I would share. Maybe you're finding yourself in a home getting ready for the holidays with lots of folks and need a quick idea for brunch! This will fit the bill.

You can never go wrong with cinnamon rolls and a fruit-cheese platter for brunch. Actually these are the Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls. I bought them in the store on a whim one day with the intention of having them on hand when something other than eggs and toast was wanted. But my husband wouldn't let me make them! He said something crazy about not liking citrus flavor in the glaze. What nonsense is this?! So, being the good wife I am, I didn't make them for him.

When Marianne and I planned our crafting meet up I knew these would be the perfect thing for us! I provided the rolls and Marianne brought along all the fabulous fruit and a cheese! She had two kinds of apples, grapes, and a cheese (of the cheddar nature, I believe). This was the perfect start for our crafting.

Guess what?! I felt like I was letting you guys down by not filling you in on the craft so I searched through my gmail (google saves the day!) to see if Marianne and I had corresponded about our crafting plans. Unfortunately we did not but I had emailed my mom some pictures of my completed craft project! I also found out that this was in January!!

I finished painting my sewing box!

This is what I emailed to my mom: "As promised here are pictures of my sewing box! Granny brought me the unfinished wooden cheese box last year and I never quite found the time to finish it. Before we moved last year I had put on a base coat of paint but hadn't put any colors on it. 

So when Marianne and I had a craft day last week I started painting to finish it. I'm so excited it's finished and I can store my sewing items in there."

I believe Marianne worked on knitting squares for an afghan she was working on! We were very productive and had such fun that we had quite a few other crafting meet ups!

This will be one of our last posts before Christmas (with one little surprise this afternoon and decorations tomorrow)! Hope you are enjoying some good holiday brunches wherever you are!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I hope you and Marianne always craft. I love the sewing box!