Reuse and Use-up Pasta

Did you run out and try those Marinated Drumsticks? Well you should; they're very yummy. If you make too many like we did, "reuse" the leftovers in a pasta dish with other things in your pantry/fridge you need to "use-up." Hence the "Reuse and Use-up" pasta title.

Before I let you know what all got used up, I'd like to first introduce our new kitchen gadget that Santa brought to us. I think it took a little convincing that this would actually be useful before we starting using it and after we did we wondered what took so long! Officially it's an OXO Seal & Store Rotary Grater.

We're able to put some parmesan cheese into the compartment, grate what we need for our recipe, put a little cap on the end, and then pop it back in the fridge!
So as you can see we grated a little parmesan for our pasta but this was for serving. 
We started cooking some whole-wheat spirals and while they boiled we sauteed some onions. I had a box of broccoli in the freezer so we steamed that in the microwave. After the onions had become soft I added the steamed broccoli, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and leftover shredded chicken to the saute pan. 

At this point everything is cooked so we just need to warm it up and season to our liking. When the pasta was al dente, I drained it and returned it to its large pot. Then I added in the chicken mixture from the saute pan and tossed everything with a little evoo. Serve and garnish with some cheese!

This was quick, easy, and free since I was using things I already had!

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  1. This would be good for my supper tonight!