Quick Mushroom & Artichoke Pasta

Patrick was gone for a weekend to visit some of his friends in DC. Even though I miss him while he's enjoying his "bro weekend" I take advantage of the opportunity to eat all the things I love that he doesn't! I decided to make a spin-off of one of my mom's favorite dishes from our local Italian restaurant at home. She orders a simple dish: spaghetti tossed with olive oil and garlic then adds in sliced mushrooms. I wanted this! And incorporated some grilled artichokes into the pasta dish; grilled artichokes being one of the things Patrick doesn't like. Harris Teeter had a jar of grilled artichokes packed in oil that I used but you can use whatever.

Quick Mushroom & Artichoke Pasta
Prepare tubular pasta of your choice according to package directions. (I found a half-used box of ziti in the back of the pantry I decided to use up.) Slice fresh mushrooms (I used a large handful) and saute in a little evoo. While the mushrooms saute dice up the artichoke. You can leave them quartered but I like to save myself a step and make everything bite-sized here versus my plate. Once the mushrooms are tender add the artichokes and the oil they were packed in. If you chose to use regular canned artichokes and drained them, just add a little extra evoo. I added the extra oil because I knew I wasn't using a sauce.

Once everything has warmed through toss this with your drained pasta. Serve topped with parmesan cheese!

Perfect for an evening to myself.

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  1. This has got to be delicious. Thanks for giving me a jar of the artichokes. Used some in a chicken dish (the one that you wrap a chicken breast in aluminum foil and bake. It was great). I will try this next.