Be my Valentine!

Dear Readers, Will you be our Valentine?!

Love, Whitney and Patrick

Excuse our absence from posts the past week. We promise to make it up to you! In the meantime check out what we'll be making tonight. I make myself pretty clear to Patrick when I request a Valentine's dinner that does not require a reservation. We opt for a dinner cooked together and enjoyed in a nice, quite atmosphere. This menu is slowly becoming a Valentine's tradition and I'm not sure why. We had it for our first Valentine's two years ago and last year so I didn't have to think too hard about what to make this year! It's perfect; a little nicer than our average dinner but still fun to make in the kitchen.

Entree: Spinach Manicotti served with a mixed greens salad
Dessert: Angel Food Cake with Patrick's mom glaze

As I just hyperlinked those posts I'm making my list for the grocery store!

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