Valentine's 2012

Just wanted to add a quick addendum to the Valentine's post. Patrick and I were discussing our dinners during the evening and thought maybe we hadn't eaten Spinach Manicotti last year. So I did a little research today and realized he was right! Buttt it was still manicotti just not spinach. It was a beef manicotti inspired by Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Next year we'll have to experiment more.

I thought I would share our tablesetting from last night.

We enjoyed a nice candlelit dinner. Patrick takes all the credit for the gorgeous floral centerpiece.
I served our meal on the occupied Japan china set Granny and Poppa gave me last year for Christmas. We had such fun enjoying our coffee with cups and saucers. 
If this is in fact a follow-up Valentine's post then there has to be some love somewhere, right?! So I'll share with you a snapshot Patrick took while we visited home. It's Harri and Pebbles! The love might be a little one-sided though.

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  1. This could be in a magazine - beautiful flowers, elegant china, adorable cats, and a wonderful occasion!!