Handy Cooking Stuff

Right next to the stove you'll find easy access to the items we use the most in cooking--extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and a spoon rest.

Since Patrick and I began cooking we've certainly found trends and items we really like to use. One of these items is extra virgin olive oil. We found this olive oil bottle with dispenser in Chicago so it serves double duty. One as its meant to function and two as a souvenir! As you can see its almost empty because we've been using it so much!

The salt cellar and pepper mill are new additions to the kitchen; of course salt and pepper are not new additions to our cooking! We decided to upgrade the salt and pepper this summer. We opted for a salt cellar rather than a salt mill because we like pinches and dashes of salt rather than grindings. Recently we've been using coarse Kosher salt. We researched the pepper mills and found this small one that had been reviewed highly. It features an adjustable grind size selection and flips over to distribute the pepper so you won't make a big mess on your counter. Both of these items can be found at Crate & Barrel! (link to salt cellar and pepper mill)

And then you can't forget a spoon rest! This one is from a local pottery shop.

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