CRISPY Potluck Night

 We're finally back to somewhat regular potlucks! ... maybe. The last time everyone was over I had them write a potluck suggestion and kept them all in a cup. Now for the next two months I will draw these names out of the cup and we will commence with that themed potluck. The lucky theme this week was CRISPY! For fall potlucks I will not feature recipes but know they are available!

CRISPY [from top left to bottom right]: Potato croquettes, crisp cucumber salad, bacon guacamole, homemade mozzarella sticks, twice baked potato casserole, and baked parmesan crisps.

Twice Baked Potato Casserole by Ryan

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks by Tim

Bacon Guacamole and chips by Romin

Crisp Cucumber Salad with Apples and Cranberries by Natalie

Potato Croquettes by Richard (baked, not fried!)

Fruit Tart with Orange Glaze by Mimi

Rice Krispy Treats by Patrick

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