Lunch up in the air!

Last month Patrick and I visited Chicago to celebrate his nephew Will's first birthday!

If you follow the blog any you'll notice every now and then that a Giada DeLaurentiis recipe will be used because I love Giada! One day when I was browsing her website I found a list of some of her favorite restaurants and things to do in cities she visits a lot. And Chicago was on the list! (Come to the Triangle, Giada!) Here's the link to all the cities on her website. So I picked out a place and put in a request to Patrick for the Signature Room on the 95th Floor of the John Hancock Center and being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, he made reservations for us!

Here we are!
Patrick enjoyed a Grilled Portobello with a ricotta salad, garlic spinach, and pretzel roll.
And I enjoyed Blackened Salmon Tacos with coleslaw and 7-grain pilaf. I felt just like a celebrity!

And this is the view we took in during lunch.

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  1. Love the view. Patrick you are so nice to "spoil" Whitney! Did I tell you Giada is preparing a meal for Prince William and Princess Catherine this week-end in LA ( and also for 600 others! ).