Buying Couscous in Bulk

Whenever I'm grocery shopping and picking out something basic (cereal, spaghetti sauce, dressings, anything really) I'll often compare the label. I usually focus on the sodium aspect. But of course I take into account everything else--calories, fat, sugars, and fiber. On this particular trip couscous was on my list. Patrick particularly loves the Chicken flavored couscous; I usually opt for the Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil couscous. Prior to this trip I had let couscous fool me! Well no more! Couscous may be healthy but any of the flavored boxes are not. Each one of those flavor packets is basically sodium. Discouraged from my findings I started grabbing 3 boxes of the plain Whole Wheat Couscous. But then it hit me--buy it in bulk! Now I can flavor my own couscous without all the sodium.

Be on the lookout for posts featuring delicious couscous! Do you have any couscous recipes you like? If so pass them along!

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  1. I do have a couscous recipe I like. Janet Z. fixed for us in Wash DC. I think it was the trip we went to see Jackie Kennedy's clothes. I will look it up and send it to you. We really enjoyed. Will have to make it again soon!