Pesto Pizza

Whitney got the idea for this one while looking for a way to use the arugula from the week's CSA box, and came across this recipe for arugula pizza. We mostly followed their formula. We prebaked the Pillsbury crust per the instructions on the can, then added pesto, tomato slices, goat cheese, green onions (CSA!), and prosciutto (Whitney's side only), then baked until the crust was brown and threw the arugula on top. The pesto was homemade with basil, olive oil, garlic, and almonds.

The result impressed us both - it was very delicious! The arugula went well with it, but wasn't really manageable the way we dumped it on top. Perhaps we could have shredded it or tried to wilt it. The Pillsbury thin crust was very good.

Ready for the oven!
It's almost as if someone just threw some arugula on a pizza.

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