Birthday Blowout Cookout Celebration!!!

It's birthday month!! And on the last weekend in May we celebrated with a party that's now three years in the making. And each year it's gotten a little bigger and a little better! We asked that everyone bring a small contribution of food or drinks. Look what we got!

Our guests went above and beyond the call of cookout potluck duty. They brought all sorts of yummy cookout goodies. I was definitely impressed. :-) There was fruit, potato salads, pasta salads, bean dips, chips, carrots and ranch, lettuce wraps, and vegetable medleys... And I haven't even mentioned what was on the grill! Roasted corn, burgers, hot dogs, brats, steaks, marinated chicken breasts, and skewers were grilled until our tummies were content. 

Then when we thought we couldn't eat anymore... there was birthday cake!

Patrick decorated both a chocolate cake and vanilla cake with the secret buttercream recipe.

They've gotten older but not much better at blowing out candles!

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