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I've written before that this blog is just as much for us as it is for you. For us it kind of serves as a record of what we've eaten and cooked with some notes. This way the next time we're craving a dish we can look back in the archives and make it again! Before the blog was consistent we ran into this problem quite a few times. We wanted to make something again but couldn't remember how we made it or where we found the recipe!

Here are a few recipes we've cooked this past month! Have you tried any of them?! If so let us know!

Bolognese Sauce: Originally from Patrick's sister. We actually cook this every other month or so. This past pot included some of our veggies from our CSA box--fresh carrots and small celery. The small celery affected the texture of the sauce a bit but this was a fun experiment with our veggies.

carrots and small celery

Lemon Spaghetti with Scallops: A light dish perfect for hot summer evenings. The citrus flavor is bright but not overwhelming.

Sausage and Rigatoni Fake-Bake: A Rachael Ray adaption. Each time we make this it's a little different; this is another we make quite often. Mushrooms and onions are wonderful additions. And this last time we ordered sweet Italian sausage from our CSA to use in the recipe. mmm! fresh and local!

Seared Tuna: Simple seafood. This is so easy and so quick. We've done this a couple times too. We alternate the accompanying side dishes; this last time we had it with shelled edamame (found in the freezer section) and brown rice.

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