Tip of the Hat

I'm sure you've wondered what I eat when I'm not cooking. I assure you every night is not a fun prepared meal although I wish it could be! Of course there are meals at restaurants, leftovers, and some prepared by other people such as a fab roomie!

This post is a Colbert-style Tip of the Hat to two of my favorite go-to easy meals.

The first Tip of the Hat goes to Birds Eye Voila stir-fry's! This is my favorite brand out of the many choices for a frozen dinner stir-fry. Every variety I've tried has been delicious. Patrick and I had "Beef Lo Mein" last week. Unfortunately I'll have to give a Wag of the Finger to the sodium levels in the dish. This is the only drawback so good thing it's not on my plate every night!

The second Tip of the Hat goes to Pulcinella's of Durham. This Italian restaurant is absolutely delicious. I have only savored these wonderful dishes in the comfort of my own home -- takeout is the way to go! I always order a specialty dish which includes bread and a salad. Patrick and I are able to share everything so it's perfect for two! Patrick's favorite dish is the Creamy Pink Sauce with penne pasta. And the house salad dressing is quite yummy too. If you don't live in Durham come visit soon and I'll treat you to Pulcinella's!

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