Stuffed Squash!

I love squash! The easiest way for me to cook it is sauteed in a little extra virgin olive oil with some onion! yummy! However when I have a bit more time I'll make stuffed squash. This side dish is a beautiful and fun dish to serve with a whole cooked chicken! ... or some other equally delicious meat. This recipe is from my mom. I originally fixed this after an email from her asking for the recipe. This is her email...

Mom's Stuffed Squash
"I do not really have a recipe, but what I did was to get little, tender
yellow squash. Wash them.  Boil them in water until mostly done (probably at
least 10-15 min).  Then let them cool so you can handle them.  Slice long
ways and scoop out the inside.

While they are boiling you can make the filling.  I usually saute some
onions (now I would do it in evoo) and whatever you wanted in there (like
green or red pepper, mushrooms, garlic,etc); mix with Pepperidge Farm
Stuffing mix and some of the insides of the cooked squash.  You can do
whatever proportions you want more of, but may try to do equal parts of
onion mix, squash, and stuffing mix.

Put in center of scooped out squash.  Sprinkle with paprika.  Put on cookie
sheet and bake (or broil.  Broil is quicker because is hotter, but you have
to watch more closely so won't burn) until warmed through.  Probably about
10-15 min.  Sometimes I would sprinkle cheese on at the last (or I guess you
could mix some in the mixture and bake).

Have fun experimenting!"

My notes: I pretty much followed this. I did not use paprika but did sprinkle with cheese!

Patrick sprinkling with cheese... then these little squash boats are heading to the oven!
Nice and bubbly... Right out of the oven!

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