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Patrick and I did something last week we've never done before! We also had a very busy week but kept ourselves motivated in the kitchen and cooked our meal plan. There were a few evenings where I could've easily gone for take out but, knowing that we had a refrigerator full of food to cook, I didn't let temptation get the best of me.

Wondering what we did that we've never done before?? We entertained guests and used our formal table settings twice in one week! We had one of our very favorite couples over on Tuesday for dinner and served turkey stuffed butternut squash with an arugula grain salad. Then on Friday we had three couples over for a neighbor get together. This was also the first time we had service for 8 using the china and crystal. We served orzo stuffed chicken with sweet potatoes and a kale salad. The neighbors chipped in with an appetizer, beer and wine, and dessert. This made preparing the meal really simple since we didn't have to worry about those other elements. Major thanks to Patrick who slipped away from the office early on both of those nights to make sure I was managing everything in the kitchen without extra stress!

Meal Plan for Monday November 16 - Sunday November 22

Monday - Pork schnitzel, spinach salad, wax beans
Tuesday - Friends over for dinner; served Turkey stuffed butternut squash with a grain arugula salad, tiramisu
Wednesday - Thai Turkey chili
Thursday - Scallops and brussels-sweet potato salad
Friday - Neighbors over for dinner; served orzo stuffed chicken breasts, kale salad, and King's arms tavern sweet potato casserole
Saturday - Breakfast Bacon and eggs, pear
   Lunch Leftovers
   Dinner Cod with sauteed ginger and cashew tatsoi
Sunday - Breakfast Oatmeal with banana
   Lunch Leftovers
   Dinner Broccoli and cheese soup

 It's Always Caturday
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Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

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  1. This sounds just too good to be true!!!! I know you and your friends had wonderful meals and fellowship together.