Roasted Carrots

As we all know life gets busy! This featured recipe is a good example of that... it's from the summer! I kept putting off drafting the post because it required dragging out the cook book and transcribing the recipe but I didn't want to delete it because the carrots were really good! And super cute! We served these carrots with sauteed tilapia and a mixed greens salad. The carrots are from Sara Foster's "Fresh Every Day" cookbook. For additional comments I found the recipe on this other blog (which made drafting the post much easier).

Pan-Braised Carrots with Orange and Rosemary from Sara Foster

1 pound small carrots, with tops on (about 2 bunches) or bagged baby carrots*2 tablespoons olive oil1 tablespoon unsalted butter1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemaryJuice of 1 orangeSea salt and freshly ground black pepper   *From my experience I would recommend the baby carrots; most of the green tops came off during the prep.
1. Trim the tops off the carrots, leaving about 1/2 inch of the green stem attached, and wash thoroughly.2. Heat the olive oil and butter in a large sauté pan over medium heat until the butter melts. Add the carrots and cook, stirring from time to time, for about 8 minutes, until tender and have a little color.

3. Add the rosemary and cook for 1 to 2 minutes longer, stirring occasionally. Stir in the orange juice, 1/2 cup of cold water, salt, and pepper. Cover, reduce the heat to low, and let the carrots simmer until nearly all of the liquid has cooked off, about 10 minutes. Season the braised carrots with more salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.

Can you believe it's already December?! That was fast. Good thing Thanksgiving was early so we have an extra long holiday season. Patrick and I have put up our Christmas tree and the outdoor lights. I have a few decorating odds and ends to do in the house and will hopefully finish them this week. The townhouse is much smaller and doesn't allow for all my decorations to be displayed. Stay tuned to the blog for some pictures.

Do you have up your decorations?

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  1. working on decorations. got the tree up and lights outside. also the wreaths. still have to do inside decorations.