What to do with fennel...

Our CSA is in full swing now and sometimes our veggie drawer is overflowing with green things. We place our CSA order on a weekly basis and for the most part we just order what we want or what sounds good and then I'll make a meal plan after we get everything. By the fourth or fifth day of that rotation what's left is what wasn't very inspiring for meal planning.

Are you wondering what the last culprit was??


I mean, seriously, what exactly am I supposed to do with this stuff? Patrick snuck this onto the CSA request form without my knowledge in case you were wondering. We've done a few things with fennel in the past (see here and here) but nothing that really stood out. In all our past preparations we discarded the large green fronds which we did again here. From what I've read they're good for stocks and/or a roasting bed for fish. After a quick search through the fridge and pantry I realized we had everything for one of Patrick's favorites, schnitzel. Read our original schnitzel post here. I incorporated the fennel by sauteing it with the arugula then served everything with a side of couscous.


  1. I remember you using fennel in the past. You even got me some to try and we liked it. We can not get it in Murfreesboro so I may ask for some from you this summer!

  2. Oh, by the way, love the picture!

  3. CSA? Do I need to report this website to Homeland Security because it seems you guys are conspiring quite a bit with the Confederate States of America. Come to think of it, I did see a lot of North Carolinians wearing "The South shall rise again" shirts during my time there.

    But seriously, what does CSA stand for? From context, it would seem as if it's some sort of produce delivery/acquisition service. But some of my favorites from the list include: Chirp-Scalping Algorithm (I bet Pat knows what that is), Cockayne Sydrome A, and Canadian Space Agency (good joke, Canada!)

  4. Our comment section's favorite in-house comedian, Mike, everybody. For any other recent readers: