Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day has come and gone but I still have a brunch recipe to share! Mother's Day happened to be two weeks after Patrick proposed so when we hosted my parents it was the first time we had seen them since that wonderful event. Of course we were in the very early stages of wedding planning and just gathering our thoughts for the "vision". However we did have a list of venues narrowed down. After our brunch we toured the Triangle area in search of the perfect venue. No secrets revealed here now but I'm sure in the future we'll share fun wedding stuff.

Without further ado here's our Mother's Day brunch...

First, set the table. I set the table with the occupied Japan china set Granny and Poppa gave me two Christmases ago. For Valentine's day I purchased the table linens to coordinate and used them here. For the floral centerpiece I filled a large vase with whole limes and then a mixed bouquet. The limes act as an anchor to hold the stems in place.

Then plan your menu. We planned stuffed croissants, homemade applesauce, and scrambled eggs. 

For the stuffed croissants
The croissants were stuffed with caramelized onions, sweet Italian sausage, and havarti cheese. First we caramelized the onions and cooked the sausage. Then to prepare the croissants we laid the triangle dough on the cutting board. In the center we placed a spoonful of sausage, caramelized onions, and some shredded cheese. We weren't able to roll up the croissants so instead brought all the corners to meet in the center. Then we baked them somewhat according to package directions, basically until they were golden brown. Since everything in the middle is cooked we just needed to make sure the croissant was done!

For the applesauce
This is Granny's recipe and can be found on the blog here. This was originally featured July 28, 2009 back before this was even whitskitchen and I was randomly highlighting kitchen recipes. This would also be before I met Patrick!

For the scrambled eggs
You know how to make it scrambled eggs! We whipped these up with a little milk, salt, pepper, and dried Italian herbs.

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  1. It was a perfect day and meal! We loved being with Whitney and Patrick and hearing first hand all the engagement news. And seeing that beautiful ring!
    The meal was delicious and we liked all the possible venues.