Triangle Restaurant Week: 6/4-10

I knew this was coming around and when I finally saw the dates a couple of weeks ago I definitely put it on our calendar. It's Triangle Restaurant Week! Visit their website here. Here's some information from their homepage: "TRW is a weeklong celebration of culinary excellence designed to incorporate the entire premier Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding area Restaurants. Restaurants will be offering a special fixed price, 3-course meal each and every day they are open* during the event." This happens twice a year; Patrick and I have been regular participants now for probably about 2 years.

It's a great excuse to explore the finer restaurants in the area. We haven't ventured to Raleigh yet but I imagine that will happen next year. For this Triangle Restaurant Week we have reservations at Four Square in Durham! You're able to browse the submitted menus and choose from what makes you drool the most. This is what we'll be choosing from at Four Square:

First Courses
Caprese Salad
local tomatoes & cucumbers, buttermilk-jalapeño-cornbread croutons, blackeyed pea-basil vinaigrette
Shrimp Bisque
tomato-eggplant confit

London Broil & Mushroom-Barley Wontons
wilted spinach, spicy-sweet ginger sauce
Grilled Organic Salmon
red cabbage slaw, herb spaetzle, citron butter sauce

Lemon Mousse
toasted coconut, cornmeal pâte brisée, local strawberries
Dark Chocolate Torte
whipped milk chocolate, raspberry curd, toasted almonds

I have no idea what I'm going to get yet! Any suggestions; what looks good to you?!
If your area has a celebration similar to this I hope you participate. If not take advantage of it next time.


  1. All of it sounds good. You will have to get one thing and Patrick the other and compare!

  2. Don't forget to check in at the restaurant! Get it? Check in at Four Square? I don't actually understand what that means, but all the kids are saying it these days.

    Also, Philadelphia has a restaurant week twice a year and a vast majority of the restaurants in the area participate. The deal is $35 per person for a 3-to-5 course meal. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the restaurants that you would never be able to afford otherwise. Sherri and I went to Del Frisco's Steakhouse this past time and it was incredible!

    I hope you guys enjoy it!