Happy Valentine's Day! Reward Yourself!

Happy Valentine's Day! This time of the year is always filled with love and warmth for me thanks to wonderful friends and family and now the best boyfriend ever. Valentine's is always nice but it's almost my birthday! 

Today I wanted to share this little morsel of goodness I've discovered. I'm only choosing to post this on Valentine's Day because it comes from the Godiva Boutique--how fitting right?! My discovery is their Rewards Club! Join it! You get one free piece of chocolate each month with no strings attached. Of course one piece of chocolate is no fun so I buy three more--two for me; two for Patrick. This is my new once a month splurge. Twice a month and it would be too much; more than four and it would be too much. And chocolate is healthy...

This is actually my January selection. Clockwise from L to R: Tiramisu Bakery Dessert Truffle, Red Velvet Cake Bakery Dessert Truffle, Passion Fruit Seasonal Truffle, and Chocolate Lava Cake Bakery Dessert Truffle.

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