A Fabulous Birthday!!

As many of you know I just turned 24!! I was born 24 years ago here in Chapel Hill during an awful ice storm. It was so nice to celebrate 24 years later with highs in the 70s! I celebrated with friends and family all throughout the week. Granny and Poppa came to take me out for a wonderful lunch at Alivia's in downtown Durham with Rachel and Patrick. Mom and Jimmy came up after my birthday and took me out for Sunday brunch at 411 West on Franklin Street. Then I had lots of fun celebrations with great friends throughout the week including a raucous night of bowling.

Now time for some hide and seek on the blog!! These next two photos feature my two new KitchenAid appliances: an immersion blender and an electric stand mixer (my absolutely fabulous birthday present from Patrick; I was selfish and the immersion blender is to me, from me). These photos are in upcoming blog posts. Have fun spotting them!

Even though this is mainly a cooking blog it's still personal! Here are a few photos from bowling. Maybe someone got a strike?!

And ... oh yeah ... Valentine's Day was pretty wonderful too. Patrick gave me these beautiful roses and cooked a very yummy dish! Stay tuned to the blog for that. :-)

I love February!!

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  1. I'm trying to figure out "Google Reader" but I just subscribed to your blog on there so I can keep up with it better!