Into a New Kitchen!

Whew! Finally into a new kitchen. As of June 1st I have been in a kitchen that's been boxed up. The refrigerator in our new place had a pipe burst and flood the first floor the week before we moved. Just last week the project manager and landlord approved everything! So it's exciting to finally have everything back in order and able to start cooking again.

I'm not going to blog a recipe now but instead recount the first dinner cooked in the new place!

Sloppy Joe's -- of course the easiest dinner ever. One can of manwich, hamburger, buns and you're done!

Patrick and I decided we'd cook dinner at the new place a few weeks into renovations. At this point the floors were done but I don't think we had the new refrigerator and everything was still in boxes. Patrick suggested sloppy joe's. I thought finding one skillet would be easy enough so I agreed.

Well finding one skillet turned into finding one spoon, the can opener, and a baking sheet for cookies. Needless to say everything was in a different box! Before I could find a can opener I found a box of Hamburger Helper and suggested we change our menu. But fortunately everything was found and the dinner was delicious! ... except the cookies. We found out the hard way the oven heats unevenly. :-( I do think we salvaged a few though!

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  1. know you have missed having a kitchen! many more great meals to come, I am sure.