Roasted Sweet Potatoes

These past few months I've had somewhat of a steady supply of sweet potatoes! Granny has been so generous whenever she takes a trip up to Durham and shares sweet potatoes with me. Typically I'll make a baked sweet potato casserole with all things sweet and topped with marshmallows! However the other evening I wanted to try something new. I browsed the Internet for some options but kind of did my own thing! This recipe isn't of the sweet variety so enjoy this different spin on sweet potatoes.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Serves 5-6

4 medium sweet potatoes
1/2 stick of butter
salt + pepper
spicy seasoning!

1. Peel and quarter sweet potatoes lengthwise then slice into 1/4" pieces. (I debated just roasting the circular slices but wanted to save on cooking time and made the pieces smaller.)
2. Put the potatoes in a 8x13 baking dish. Top with slices of butter (~6 slices for 1/2 stick). Sprinkle with salt + pepper and seasonings. I used a creole seasoning mix from my spice rack!
3. Roast in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes! Twice through roasting (10 minute and 20 minute mark) stir the potatoes to soak up all the butter!

Serving Ideas
I served this sweet potato side dish with a Mesquite marinated pork tenderloin, black eyed peas, and warm beets! Delicious! And super easy. The marinated pork tenderloins are by far one of my best kept secrets in the kitchen.

Next time I make the traditional sweet potato casserole topped with marshies I'll blog it!

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