Granny's Tomatoes and Cucumbers

This quick throw together side dish is a good way to use summer vegetables. It is one of my favorite things that Granny fixes! Love it, love it, love it!! As with all Granny recipes nothing is precise. So it's always a gamble how it will turn out.

any combination of tomatoes* and
green peppers

*tomatoes are essential in this recipe because of their juice. Otherwise feel free to throw in whatever veggies you think will complement the flavors. And when you only have tomatoes and just cucumbers then go for it!

To your mixture of diced veggies, add:
a couple tbsp apple cider vinegar (other vinegars could be used as well)
dash of sugar
dash of salt and pepper

Stir together and chill before serving.

This is great on a hot summer night!!

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