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Patrick and I are in trenches - the house painting trenches to be precise! For the past five days we have been tackling more house painting. Thursday and Friday were prep days along with priming followed by lots and lots of painting. We keep the meal plan fairly simply when we're DIYing so that our meals can be quick to assemble and cook. Before this weekend we had painted the majority of upstairs (everything except the office and guest bathroom). Our promise to ourselves for painting was to attempt to paint some rooms upstairs and if either it was too hard or it looked too amateurish then we would hire out the rest of the house. I guess I should back up and say we're painting the whole house! Well we decided, though quite time consuming, we were decent painters and would continue downstairs. This past weekend we did exactly that and painted the stairwell and the downstairs entry. We have minimal plans over the next two months so this project should be finished soon! We'll share some after pictures once we're done. In the meantime here's our meal plan!

Meal Plan for Monday February 15 - Sunday February 21

Monday - President's Day
   Lunch Black bean soup and cheese toasties, apple
   Dinner Manicotti leftovers
Tuesday - Manicotti leftovers
Wednesday - Basketball viewing party complete with heavy hors d'oeuvres 
Thursday - Pesto stuffed chicken, honey carrots, couscous with sundried tomatoes
Friday - Bonus breakfast! French toast and fruit

   Dinner Salmon and stir fry asparagus with shiitakes
Saturday - Breakfast Cinnamon rolls and smoothies
   Lunch Spinach salad with avocado, beets, cottage cheese
   Dinner Fake Bake
Sunday - Breakfast Cinnamon rolls and smoothies
   Dinner Leftovers

 It's Always Caturday
Family selfie

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  1. As always your planning sounds wonderful and nutritious. Glad to see those Caturday pics!