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Whew! We made it through this week - it was a tough one! The week started with some remnants of snow and ice on the ground and the refrigerator had been depleted of all produce and yummy things. And even though the pantry and freezer still had staples in them they needed some other ingredients to round out meals. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to the grocery store until Friday so meals at the beginning of the week are a bit of a wash. We did takeout twice and then threw together the best we could for the other meals. Then we had a date night planned that included a meal with Triangle Restaurant Week. Needless to say this was a very unusual week for us with all of the takeout/restaurant food. We're back on the flip side and welcoming February with a very full fridge and lots of colorful produce to eat! Looking forward to making up for this past week.

Meal Plan for Monday January 25 - Sunday January 31

Monday - Moe's takeout 
Tuesday - Brinner! Breakfast for Dinner! Chorizo-egg bake
Wednesday - Baked ziti with salad from Pulcinella's
Thursday - Slow cooker pork and creamy onion sauce, steamed broccoli
   Bonus Afternoon Smoothie - banana, frozen cherries and pineapple, yogurt, orange juice
Friday - Fish, sweet potato, kale salad
Saturday - Lunch Spinach salad with avocado
   Dinner Triangle Restaurant Week date night at The Little Dipper (Fondue)
Sunday - Breakfast Baked Oatmeal
   Lunch Triangle Restaurant Week ladies lunch at Fairview Dining Room (Patrick stayed at home)
   Dinner Pasta peperonata

It's Always Caturday
They woke up like this

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  1. Brinner - did you make that up!?! Love those cat pics.