Meal Plan Monday Post

Patrick and I returned home last Sunday from our last holiday family visit just in time for a Monday night Bachelor premiere and the beginning of a New Year. After a decadent holiday season we jumped back into the kitchen this week and cooked every single night (with the exception of a weekend dinner where we celebrated a friend's birthday). The first three recipes we made were out of "Clean Slate: a cookbook and guide" which focuses on clean eating with whole-food plant-based recipes. We loved them all and will be sharing those on the blog soon. Then there were some snackier dinners and some we were trying again.

Grocery shopping at the start of the week included lots of fruits and vegetables!

Meal Plan for Monday January 4 - Sunday January 10

Monday - Bonus Breakfast! Oatmeal with yogurt, peanut butter, chia seeds, and cinnamon; orange; green tea
   Dinner Salmon in parchment with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms, couscous
Tuesday - Soba noodles and sweet potato soup
Wednesday - Fish tacos with citrus-avocado salsa
Thursday - Sandwiches and fruit 
Friday - Lemon chicken fettuccine 
Saturday - Breakfast Whole wheat waffles and strawberries
   Lunch Pesto pizza, arugula salad, pear
   Dinner Celebrating a friend's birthday at Sake Bomb Asian Bistro
Sunday - Brunch Egg in the holes
   Lunch Fettuccine leftovers
   Dinner Turkey chili

Come back and check out the blog this week as we wrap up our holiday season! We're sharing our new gifts for the kitchen, our Christmas Eve dinner, our 2nd Annual Holiday Beer Tasting, and canning gifts!


  1. Grocery card looks pretty! Love all the colors in there.

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