Crepes with fresh strawberries

Our last crepe post was back in March and talked about our first attempt at them, where we made a bananas foster recipe. Those were delicious, but they were a little time-intensive to prepare and very decadent. This time around we went much simpler and just decided to wrap up some fresh cut strawberries (my favorite) and top with a little whipped cream.

As far as the recipe goes, we used the same batter recipe as that last post, but we halved it and were sure to make it the night before which makes for extra smooth batter and consistent crepes. I think I made them two at a time this go around by using two pans, but each crepe uses so little batter that it still takes a while to make them all. To keep them hot and crisp in the mean time, I spread out the cooked crepes on a large cookie sheet and keep them in a 200 degree oven while I finish the rest of them. Once they're all done we spoon a little filling in each one and roll them up, and then plate them with some whipped cream and extra strawberries on top.

I'm a big fan of crepes so it's nice to have these in our rotation of good weekend homemade breakfasts!

Look at me, I've started eating bacon too!

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  1. wow, they must be good since take some time and effort!