Luxurious Cinnamon Rolls

Whitney's birthday had the nice coincidence of falling on President's Day this year, which happens to be a work holiday for me. With my ample holiday free time, Whitney requested that I make this cinnamon roll recipe for breakfast. Given how flustered some of these gift-giving occasions can make me, I was happy to oblige.

This is the same basic Pioneer Woman recipe that we used for the pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Remembering how long those took to make from scratch, I decided to make the dough the night before so that we would hopefully eat breakfast by noon. In that respect we were successful, but these still took a long time even when the dough had risen once, as I still had to make the filling, roll out the dough, put the filling in, roll them up, cut them, let them rise again, and then bake them. We were a little hungry when they were done!

This particular variant has a maple-flavored icing. Whitney enjoyed it, but I would say I'm more a fan of a standard cream cheese icing for cinnamon rolls. I prepared us some fake mochas (coffee, hot milk, cocoa) and we had a wonderful breakfast.

Maybe if I wake up at 7am next time they'll be ready in time for breakfast!


  1. Wait. You don't eat breakfast at 7am? Or are these ready instantaneously when you wake up? I'm confused.

    1. I guess that will need to be 5am when you visit!

  2. No matter the time they look delicious.