First Day of Spring

The first day of spring is finally upon us! Hopefully that means all this wintry weather is behind us. We've had so much extreme winter weather (as far as Southerners are concerned) that I lost count of how many times we've had snow / ice and the roads had to be salted. Spring is welcomed with open arms!

I have somehow deemed this season transition day as appropriate to share a few pictures of the snow we had and how I make my snow cream!

So here I am in the snow!
(It's not really snowing)
I suited up in all my snow gear to get some snow. This was from the mid-February snow. You remember, the one that caused the Triangle Snowpocalypse and motorists were stranded on roads throughout the area. Patrick and I were both fortunate to be home safe and sound... and crossing our fingers the power wouldn't go out (it didn't, thankfully)!

This was a really great "snow cream" snow. It was powder-y and not too ice-y.
Scooping snow into my bowl.
Patrick is unsure what exactly snow cream is and doesn't understand the delicacy that it really is. He did try the snow cream but it was too foreign to him. Maybe you have to grow up with snow cream to understand its rarity and that you can't miss an opportunity to have snow cream (because it doesn't come around too often)!

I'm sure everyone who makes snow cream has a different recipe. Is the base made of eggs, cream, or sweetened condensed milk?? Do you add additional sweeteners or flavors?? All variables to consider for your recipe. I take the easy way out... sweetened condensed milk! I buy a can of this if there's snow in the forecast when I make the grocery store run for milk and bread. This one ingredient snow cream keeps everything extra simple. I do, however, add in a bit of vanilla extract. It doesn't require much sweetened condensed milk; add just until desired consistency is reached.

2014 Snow Cream
The other magical feature of snow cream is that it must be consumed as soon as it is made! Freezing it alters the texture a bit.

View out the window
Here's wishing warmer days your way and no more snow until next year!

I'm so hopeful it'll be warm that I sowed our first boxes of lettuce (one mixed greens box and then arugula) last week. We'll have to see if they sprout in the next few weeks or if the cold, ice-y rain at the beginning of the week claimed them.

Happy spring! What are you looking forward to most?

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  1. Love the pic. Yes, snow cream is special. And yes, snow is in our forecast for Tues (3/25).