Eggnog Florentines

I love eggnog! It's one of my favorite holiday traditions. You can't go through December without having a glass of the good stuff. When the Smitten Kitchen blog posted an eggnog florentine recipe I knew that Patrick and I would be making it!

I bet you're familiar with florentines. They're a sweet, light lacy cookie. Wikipedia tells me they are "made from setting nuts (most typically hazel and almond) and candied cherries into a caramel disc, which is then often coated on the bottom with chocolate." In this particular recipe, which is adapted from a Hillsborough, NC chef (another reason I wanted to make them!), the florentine is made with pecans and does not contain candied fruits or chocolate. An eggnog filling takes the place of those items!

Smitten Kitchen has detailed photos along with the recipe. Click here for the post!

Eggnog Florentines for a party!
We made these before going to an oyster roast! Unfortunately we were rushing out the door when these were finished so we forgot to get a good picture. I snapped one with my phone after we arrived at the party. Everyone seemed to rave about them! Some referred to them as "creme brulee desserts" so the flavor profile of the cookie is similar to that. The recipe does make a lot so either halve the recipe or take them to a party!

The Fox Family hosted a wonderful oyster roast and seafood boil! Patrick enjoyed reading to their toddler JR and he had his very first raw oyster! He's on his way to becoming a bonafide southerner!

Patrick and JR reading about trucks and watching some basketball.
Bryan showing Patrick how to extract the oyster!
Thanks Fox Family for hosting a fabulous party! We look forward to the next one.

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  1. Cookies sound delicious. JR is adorable. I remember seeing him at the wedding. He has really grown!!!!