Savory Brunch

After one mother visits, the other mother must visit too (and then friends must visit; be on the lookout for a Homecoming Brunch post).

Here's the second installment of our fall visitors: Charlene and Granny

This visit was a little different than usual. My mom and Granny were spending the weekend in Sanford. One of my mom's friends, Glenda, recently welcomed a new grandbaby to the family so it was a "Meet the Baby" trip. Glenda hosted a girls brunch Saturday morning which I was invited to then we were able to meet the grandbaby. He was enjoying an afternoon nap when we visited so I look forward to spending more time with him.

Since the Saturday brunch was girls only Patrick stayed here in Durham. This means that my mom and Granny wanted to visit on their way home so they could see their new grandson- / son-in-law. We knew that Glenda would have good brunch leftovers for them in Sanford before they left but thought they could use a savory brunch appetizer by the time they would arrive in Durham.

I was inspired by this Salami & Cheese Board appetizer from Geer Street Garden in downtown Durham. And I knew we could make some yummy baked brie (from our first experiment at our Casual Get Together in September).

Salami and Cheese Board appetizer from Geer Street Garden
I knew this would be a good savory brunch option because my mom was with us when we went to Geer Street Garden! This was actually back in June; she came up for a final walk through with the venue and to finalize some wedding decisions. Patrick originally selected this appetizer because of the goat cheese but I knew my mom wouldn't say no to olives!

Here's our recreation:

We served toasted whole wheat bread on a platter with grapes and salami. The platter is part of our Denby Halo collection. Since this was more brunch and less dinner appetizer we subbed out the olives and pickles for the fruit.

For the brie we sliced it in half horizontally then smeared a grilled vegetable tapenade on top of the bottom half of the brie cheese wheel. Then we placed the top half back on and baked it in a 350F oven until melted and bubbly (about 20-25 minutes). Even though my mom really loves olives, Patrick really does not so I thought the grilled vegetable tapenade (versus an olive tapenade) would please them both. By slicing the brie in half the cheese wasn't restricted by the wheel rind and could melt throughout the baked brie vessel. It was really tasty!

Do you have a favorite baked brie dish? At our casual get together pot luck we made it a bit sweeter: with pecans and honey! The possibilities are endless with brie!

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  1. This was a wonderful week-end - at Glenda's and with Whitney and Patrick. The Geer Street Garden food was delicious, but Whitney and Patrick's was just as good.