Wedding Throwback: Addressing Things

Here's a throwback wedding post!

After Patrick proposed, I wasn't sure if we would include wedding things in the blog. Turns out I didn't have to worry about that since the blogging ceased temporarily during the engagement. If our readers don't mind a few throwback wedding posts we'd love to indulge you in some things we meant to share with you!

I think we both were really excited about the theme for the wedding (hint: it was inspired by our fine china) but I'll start this throwback wedding theme with addressing things. I will do a post soon on the china and then after that will give you more details about the theme!

One not so small task of any wedding is addressing invitations! We sent out Save The Date's before our formal invitations. We fell on the trendy Save The Date bandwagon because they're too cute not to do! Addressing Save The Dates were much easier than our formal invitations because I let Patrick print the recipients address right on the envelope. Hand addressing all the way for the formal invitations ... and an inside envelope for even more fun!

We did lots of stuffing, licking and sealing, and stamping. Here are some snapshots from our "addressing things" journey!

Since we knew we would be utilizing the post office quite a bit in the coming year (Save The Dates, thank you notes, various other correspondences) we decided to purchase a personalized stamp from the My Clear Stamps Etsy shop. Would recommend their services!

 Lots of stamping! We did the save the date return address stamp in red to coordinate with the "Love" postal stamp. Our photographer Carol Hedspeth of Conway Photo Shop let us have some fun during our engagement shoot with some signs for the card. We sent these out in March.


We ordered our invitations far in advance of when they needed to be sent out. We ordered William Arthur invitations from Papyrus around the time we were sending Save The Dates out. We went ahead with the order so early because we knew what we wanted at that time and there was a coupon! Along with the invitation we had two enclosures: postcard RSVP slip and an Accommodations card.

Have some wine before invitation stuffing.

 Then drop them off at your local post office! I wasn't too concerned about having the post master hand stamp the invitation however I did want the post mark to read "Chapel Hill". Since there was a lot of Durham with the wedding I wanted a little Chapel Hill somewhere and also the connotations of a wedding chapel. Much to my dismay the Chapel Hill post office sourced our invitations to a RTP post office to be post marked and mailed.

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