The newlyweds are blogging!

It's time to get back to blogging!

It's been two months and a day since...

... we got married!

Thanks to all of our family and friends for your love and support during our engagement and through the wedding! And especially your patience in the return of the blog. It really seems like some of you missed our kitchen ramblings! We have also missed recording tasty recipes so we could remember we liked them to cook again.

Until the blog is fully functioning again, you may see some posts about the following:
  - our registry! what we registered for and why. hint: we upgraded our cookware! as well as our dishes.
  - some backdated draft posts from earlier in the year
  - what we're doing for fun as newlyweds

We've missed you and look forward to getting back to blogging action!
More coming next week!


  1. Hooray! And I like the new rebranding of the blog, too. I look forward to many upcoming delicious concoctions from the Eibl Kitchen!

    1. Thanks for your blog support Mike! Glad you like the new look :-)

  2. What great news! Can't wait for future posts from Mr. and Mrs. Eibl.