Wonderful curtains for the living room and bedroom

More "tour" pictures! Here are our main living areas: the living room and bedroom. Both rooms feature wonderful curtains that look just like regular curtains but they have really made our life a lot easier. They are thermal / black-out curtains.

In the living room we shut the curtains during the day to absorb the daytime heat allowing us to save us energy. In the bedroom we shut the curtains at night to black-out the street lamps allowing us to sleep soundly. I can't tell you enough what a difference this made. Until these curtains were put up I did not wake up feeling rested so when I say these are wonderful curtains, I mean it! Patrick is a big fan of natural light and was a little hesitant to put up the curtains so I purchased curtain hold backs for each set to utilize in the evening for the living room and throughout the day in the bedroom.

This picture is taken from the dining area. As you can see everything flows together seamlessly. In the living room we were able to set up our couch and love seat. We anchored the coffee table with a neutral area rug. It seems like the mantle was made for the TV; it hasn't fallen yet so I guess it really was. Note the peace lily to the left because it will be featured in a post or two. The sliding glass door opens to a nicely sized backyard which will also be featured with the peace lily post!

 Nothing fancy here... just some wonderful curtains!

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  1. Beautiful. Could be in a magazine. Love the skylights in the living area. They let in wonderful light.