Peace Lily and Outdoors

Everything that lives at this house is absolutely thriving ... except for the tomatoes. Lucky is doing great and likes his home on the coffee bar as you saw in the last post. Here are more updates on the greener items in our lives.

The peace lily is doing great! It beffudles us sometimes. It's hard to find good care information for it because everything seems to say something a little different. We've found it a good window with great light that's not too direct. I have also been trying to give it lots of attention (ie wiping all the leaves with a wet paper towel and pulling all the dead leaves out). It is letting us know it's happy because we are seeing the signs of its first blossom in the new house!

We're using a side table as a plant stand. The table is also functioning as wedding book central. I've got a few magazines (nothing crazy), an etiquette book, an organizing book, and then a notebook organizer that you write stuff in.

Here is the herb part of the backyard! Shortly after this picture was taken I harvested all the basil and made lots of pesto. The peppers in the middle are doing okay too. Still waiting on a yellow pepper but we harvest an handful of banana peppers every other week.

Here is the flower part of the backyard! Lots of color surviving the heat of the summer.

Here is the tomato part of the backyard! Their season is over. It's time for them to go.

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  1. Peace lily is beautiful! You two must have a green thumb as well as the perfect window lighting. Loved the pics.