Yay weddings!

The first weekend in August we had the wonderful pleasure of attending the wedding of Bryan and Angela Fox. Angela was a beautiful bride and Bryan was a dashing groom. Bryan and Patrick were friends at Duke and in the same fraternity. We had a really nice evening celebrating their marriage with friends.

Here we are with the newlyweds!
This was the first "one of our really good friends" wedding Patrick and I have attended together so that really made it a lot of fun! It's also a heightened experience when you are planning your very own wedding and paying attention to details.

I could really tell Patrick enjoyed all his "bros" being back in town. It's always great when they come back to Durham to visit no matter what the occasion is! I imagine they'll be back down next August for another wedding...

Towards the end of the evening all the bros got down on one knee and serenaded Angela with their fraternity sweetheart song which was really sweet.

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