Welcome Home; Grilled Cheese

It has been about one month since we moved into the new place. And we're finally  ready to say "Welcome!"

Patrick requested we get a front door mat so I picked out a blue bird to welcome everyone.

We've got a cute little walkway to the front door. The ferns have been hung. And the grass was even cut yesterday! Yay HOA-provided lawn care. I was a little sad that we wouldn't be giving Carter our lawn care business anymore. Carter was a high school kid living in our old neighborhood who had his own little lawn care business. He would walk to his patrons house with his push lawn mower and weed eater thrown over his shoulder then mow the lawn. 

Last weekend Patrick went to visit his new nephew and family in Chicago so I was able to tie up all our loose ends inside. And by that I mean I took everything downstairs and found it a home upstairs. There are two bedroom upstairs; one we are using as an office and the other as a guest bedroom / craft area. The upstairs will take a little while longer before it is all settled. The master bedroom is downstairs as well as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry. In the next few weeks I will feature pictures of different area so stay tuned for a "tour" of the house.

Our kitchen is all set up and we are able to fix our dinners with ease now. In fact we hosted my cousins, Rachel and Thomas, last night so we have had our first dinner with guests! Unless you count Mom from a few weeks ago (more on that later). We fixed bolognese sauce, a strawberry salad, and ice cream with Granny's chocolate sauce.

While we were getting settled fixing dinners was a bit of a task. What's easier than grilled cheese sandwiches? One of our first meals in the house was indeed grilled cheese sandwiches.

Patrick snuck a photo of me.
Patrick wanted fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. To the havarti cheese slices we added sliced tomatoes and basil leaves then grilled in a buttered nonstick pan until golden.

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