We turned 25! WHOA!

Patrick and I are now 25! We had quite the celebration at the beginning of March. Actually Patrick is celebrating his 25 years and 1 month old birthday today! Which is why I thought it was fitting to put this post up today. First off I'd like to thank all of our family and friends who helped us celebrate this little milestone. It was truly memorable and I enjoyed turning 25!

Patrick's Mom, Marie, visited in February. She was in town to hear Patrick perform with his symphony orchestra, the Chapel Hill Philharmonia. Marie actually arrived in town on my birthday! She treated us to a birthday dinner at The Mint in downtown Raleigh which was fantastic. Then my parents, Granny, and Glenda came to visit on the day of Patrick's concert. We all had brunch at 411 West on Franklin Street and went on to enjoy the concert. What a great weekend!

Then we had a party! And invited all of our friends! I thought it would be fun to host a "Cupcake and Cocktails" themed party. We baked mini-cupcakes (and by "we" I mean Patrick) and strategically placed them on our kitchen table. The cupcake table was completed by 4 different colors of buttercream icing and lots of sprinkles. We actually ended up having a cupcake decorating contest. Romin and Richard won!

Here's the table! We even had birthday hats to put everyone in a celebratory mood.
Can't have a party without punch! Or chips and dip!
Here we are! A 25-year-old couple!
Patrick and I were so honored that our friends came to celebrate with us. There were Duke friends, UNC friends, DC friends, back-home friends, dancing friends, friends of friends, and most importantly all my favorite friends! :-) Thanks again for celebrating with us. We truly appreciate all of your friendships. Here are some friend snapshots...


  1. Whitney, we had so much fun at your party! And the cupcake idea was really great!

  2. I loved reading this update and seeing pics of all your friends. They look great! We had so much fun being there for the concert, seeing Marie, and celebrating your birthdays. I can not believe my "baby" is 25!!!!