Growing Stuff!

We couldn't resist growing more things! Revisit our inaugural planting last year here. We learned a few things, I think. Mainly that parsley isn't our favorite herb so we didn't start that this year. Thyme, rosemary, and chives survived the winter. As did oregano for the most part. Here are a few snapshots of the "herb garden" and what stage it is in now.

Just as a quick insert, the evening we worked on starting our seeds we planned one of our favorite quick and trusty dishes. It has come to you previously as Fake-Bake!!

As previously mentioned our thyme, chives, and rosemary survived the winter. We transplanted 3 each of surviving thyme and chive plants into larger pots. The third red pot on the right has basil written all over it! Mint is in the smaller yellow pot; something new I wanted to try (and purchased as the plant). Then the rosemary is still in its original pot.

The oregano was weakly holding on in its pot and was the lone surviving plant so it got planted in the ground versus another pot. We'll see how it does here.

Then we started new ones! Two different types of basil, spinach, mesclun mix, and arugula to be exact! We even went hardcore and bought a little greenhouse planter. Patrick is the botanist in this relationship and is ensuring a healthy start to our seeds with the right amount of water.

The spinach isn't really working out but the basil sure is!! They are ready to go in their new home aka the big red pot.

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  1. This is great! I'm hoping to be able to plant a couple of things in the next few weeks but I haven't decided what yet. Hopefully it goes as well as your gardening has!