Simple Supper: Chicken, Wild Rice, & Salad

Patrick and I aren't trying fancy recipes every night. Some nights we're eating up leftovers and others eating some Kraft macaroni and cheese (but very rarely). On this particular evening we were able to put together this simple supper that looks somewhat fancy, impressed us both, and we were able to use most everything from our pantry / refrigerator stock. Read on for an analysis of this simple supper!

Marinated chicken breasts
   Patrick and I usually have frozen chicken breasts on hand. This allows us to defrost as many as we need for any particular night. If we know we're just fixing a meal for dinner (and not planning for leftovers, like this particular night) we'll opt for one chicken breast and split it. After defrosting we used one of our favorite marinades, originally introduced to us by a great family friend! It's called Allegro Original Marinade. Then we baked the chicken.

Wild rice
   One of our new favorite side dishes.

   This salad was made possible by our CSA. The lettuce and beets both came from the farm. I'm not sure which particular type of lettuce we had at the time (we try a new variety each week). The beets were roasted a previous day and kept in the refrigerator so we can have them to use at any time. Then finally sprinkled the salad with a little goat cheese, almonds, and a balsamic vinaigrette made by Patrick.

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