Food Made Fast

It's no secret I enjoy a good cookbook... but I love love love the Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast series. My first Food Made Fast cookbook was given to me by The Revelles for Christmas a few years ago (maybe like 3 years ago, so long ago! ah!) and the theme was "pasta". Well I loved it. Every recipe has a picture and nearly every page I turned I say "ooo, I want to try that one". Last year I added the "simple suppers" theme. And had the same reaction as I did with pasta book. Some of the recipes we featured on the blog from these two books were Pasta with Zucchini and Goat Cheese, Steak Piperade, Pasta with Roasted Eggplant and Garlic, and Pork Schnitzel with Arugula.

Well Tim gave Patrick and me a cookbook for Christmas we already had! (It was Art of the Slow Cooker and my parents gave it as a Christmas gift last year; we love it. Did you see this soup we tried from it?) Anyway off we went to exchange it at Williams-Sonoma. I secretly had my heart on adding to my Food Made Fast series... but we learned at the store that they were discontinuing the series! Oh no! I went into panic mode. When we returned home I found what I was looking for on (and at a discounted rate) and snapped a few up thus doubling my collection. Patrick and I agreed the Asian theme and the Slow Cooker theme would be most useful. I promise to share some recipes with you since I just raved about these cookbooks but now you can't buy them. In fact be on the lookout for a few upcoming posts because we've already tried two recipes out of my new books.

Here they are!!

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