Freezing Extra Basil & Oregano

The herbs have certainly been growing this summer. We've had fun experimenting with them. This herb experiment featured here isn't an herb cooking experiment *yet* but it certainly will be! I decided to try freezing them. I browsed google and found lots of different options. I didn't find one recipe to follow so this is what I did. This particular method is best for "soft" herbs such as oregano and basil. Other "hard" herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, need another method... that might be an experiment for another day.

Thoroughly wash herbs. Then remove all leaves from the stems.
This is the oregano.

Once leaves have been removed, let them dry. A salad spinner will come in handy here. 
This is the basil.

The herb leaves can then be chopped in a mini food processor/chopper with a few tablespoons of evoo. We probably could have used a bit more oil but just make sure the herbs will be able to hold their shape. I formed the herbs into small little chips** on a cookie sheet and froze for four hours. Once the chips are frozen I placed them into a small ziploc bag which is now stored in the freezer and ready for some winter cooking!

**Other options I researched were to use ice cube forms or freeze the herbs in one block and break off small amounts whenever you need it. I don't have an ice cube form so I thought these small chips would be a great substitute.

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