Community Supported Agriculture

We're part of a community supporting agriculture from Brinkley Farms!! Patrick and I "bought" into this farm for shares of their goodies throughout the spring and summer season. Each week the farm sends us an email with everything they have harvested and we get to select what we want. They have three different sizes of boxes and we get the medium one.

This picture was our very first box. In the beginning of the season there are lots of green things to pick from. There are of course items we have eaten before and cooked with (spring onions, spinach, arugula) and some we have not (green garlic, buttercrunch lettuce). Each week we have committed ourselves to at least try one new thing we haven't had before.

Do you know what these are? We didn't really at first! Both are recognizable as spring onions but only one is... the one on the left! The one on the right is green garlic which is basically immature garlic. It has a milder flavor than garlic but a little stronger than the green onion. We've had fun experimenting with both. Keep reading the blog to find out how we're using all the fresh, local goodies from our CSA box.
Ideally with the CSA box we are provided with fresh vegetables for the week. And believe me there is plenty of stuff in that box. But I just could not resist heading out to the Durham Farmers Market. (This week was the first Wednesday market of the season and I usually have Wednesday's off rather than Saturday's.) Here's my wonderful addition to the box: a quart of strawberries, tomatoes, and farmers cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery. We'll use the strawberries in smoothies and quick snacks but I've also got a fun dessert idea so be sure to check that out on the blog later. We'll try the tomatoes and cheese out with our basil that's constantly growing. Basil is beating all the other herbs in our "which herb grows the fastest" race!

If you're trying new recipes with all the fresh produce coming in let us know! We love trying new recipes.

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